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The Tweet Heard Round the World

As excitement was building the other day over the imminent announcement from CERN regarding the Higgs boson, the incomparable Simon Pampena wrote a topical tweet rewriting of a Bette Midler song: “God is watching us from a Planck distance.” I was inspired to write my own tweet: Perhaps the discovery of the Higgs boson will […]


Friday August 14 was a pretty busy day. I was at Freeplay all day, moderating a couple of panels and checking out some others; the highlight was without doubt the international keynote address by Crayon Physics Deluxe designer, Petri Purho, whose unconventional speech included a copious amount of gameplaying (mostly Spelunky, to which he is […]

Science plus entertainment equals…?

After five years of doing science comedy, it looks like my pocket genre is finally getting some attention! First there’s the Telegraph’s article “Science doesn’t make good comedy? You must be joking…” Seems science is becoming a topic for comedians; the article references the work of comedians Dara O’Briain, Robin Ince and Australian now big […]

Elite Mathlete

My favourite equation is Fermat’s Last Theorem: I’ve lost track of who solved the problem and when, but I love the history and drama that surrounds it. My favourite mathematical proof (far less controversial) is of differentiation from first principles. The satisfaction of proving it to myself was something I’ll never forget. I’ve also talked […]

All Too Brief

Well, Science Week is officially over, and thanks to all of you who came along to see A Brief History of A Brief History of Time. It was a brief season, and there’s always a chance I’ll bring the show back in future. While the week may be over (and it’s a decimal week – […]